Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Back from Hector! (part 1)

We took off Thursday evening. I drove from Lafayette to Greenfield and was delayed time and again on I65 by crawling traffic. It was never clear what was slowing it but I was about a half hour later than I expected at Zig Zag Corner Quilt Shop where I met Kaye Judt and Mary Harris. We immediately left there and found even more traffic slow downs until we were well into Ohio. We stopped and ate at a Bob Evans and finally stopped for the night shortly after that.

The next day we were up bright and early and headed towards Hector. The drive was bright and sunny and we listened to Enya and tatted and chatted. We arrived at our hotel, Chatel Leon, around 4:30 p.m., early enough to drive back into Watkins Glen and try to make it to the antique store we saw on our way....but it was closed. So we made our way to the Fire Hall for the carry in dinner on Friday night. Jacquie Teal was sitting there tatting and as I spoke with her, I realized she was British and figured out she was the guest instructor. Her friend, Fiona, also sat there doing some exquisite embroidery, red on red. We talked a bit with Karey and then sat and watched others come in. Later, as we ate, we talked with a few more who were regulars. One I talked with was Ginny Weathers, who brought the tatted bag Nell had made for her in an exchange. It was so cool to see it up close - much much smaller than I had imagined and in a very fine thread.

It takes a while to get your bearings when you're in a new place. You try to match names and faces but they don't always make sense at first. For one - when Ginny said her name was Ginny...I thought it was Jenny and that didn't click with me til I saw the bag from Nell. LOL! So, instead of connecting names and faces, I began connecting names and tatting!

The next morning we arrived plenty early to complete registration. We got a printout of the activities and a plastic box of goodies. I'll try to scan the contents before I publish this.

Gale's class with the Square Ring Flower Pot and Pico Pico Fly

My morning class was with Gale Marshall tatting the square ring flowerpot and pico pico fly. Obviously, I don't have the fly done yet, but I plan to work on that soon. I got part of it done and ran out of thread...so I either add more thread or start over and I think I'll start over because I'm going to run out of thread for the wings too.

Jacquie's class with the Beaded Tennis Bracelet
The afternoon class for everyone was Jacquie Teal's tennis bracelet. The big beads and the clasp were in our goodie box. We provided the smaller beads that went around it. It really was easy once you got going, but as usual, there are bugs to work out, usually having to do with how we each interpret the pattern. Jacquie has a soft voice so she spent a lot of time going around and helping everyone. It was fascinating to see everyone's bracelet turn out a bit differently. I still don't have the clasp on mine, but will finish it soon.

In the meantime, I visited the vendors and bought some shuttles and thread and a couple of small hemostats and more thread and some fish "shuttles" and a seahorse shuttle and fansticks and I think that was pretty much it. I also bought some raffle tickets and put them in the bags and then went over and admired the show and tell. I talked with Sherry for awhile and she brought out her wire bag and a few other wire motifs that she and Mark Myers will be teaching at Palmettos. Ruth Perry had an assortment of celtic tatted items. I didn't take her class but the snail pattern was in our packet. I'll eventually get to that.

I also admired Sherry's painted shuttles which were part of the raffle. Several of my lace guild members have admired the painted shuttle Sue Hanson sent me as part of our exchange and ...ahem...talked me into painting a few for our raffle on Lace Day. So I listened up as Sherry told me how she painted and decorated the shuttles and that's part of what I'm doing tonight. This is really fun! And I just had this wild thought....Gail Owens has been tweaking my "Goddess" image/logo....we'll see what it looks like when it's done, but I know there are ways to make stickers out of an image. Wouldn't that be cool on a shuttle???? Of course I think so!

My son wants to use the computer pretty soon and it's been a long day....so I'll finish the rest of the story tomorrow!


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