Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I've been tatting these Pam Palmer hobby horses for friends with new babies - this one is going to a friend in Australia. I used a much smaller thread than I did a few years ago. Pam has you attaching an eye afterward, but I like to tat the beads in. It took me 3 tries to remember how I did it before. If it's joined in the wrong place, then there is a big gap so I join in a different spot than the pattern. Then I have to adapt the joins after too, but only one or two. The critter is almost done by that point.

Here's a shuttle I won on ebay recently. It looks quite old, but the points are in good shape. A delightful surprise!

The newest issue of CQMagOnline is now ready for viewing. Click on Current Issue to see the latest. I love this site!

There's an article about dying with Kool-Aid which we talked about last weekend at tatting guild. I love the articles about the beaded dragonfly and pansies and paisleys and Victorian pincushions and.....well, everything really. There is even a teapot embellished with silk ribbon flowers - and I'm reminded of the Pam Palmer teapot that I've tatted before and someone at tatting guild was working on Saturday too. Wouldn't that be pretty on a quilt block? A tatted teapot with tatted posies coming out of it?


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