Wednesday, April 13, 2005 I can't vouch for it since I only just found it and haven't ordered, but the site looks intriguing. I did a search for 3-hole buttons but they didn't have any.

ummm....well...that started me on a buttons-by-Google search. Right away I learnt you enter craft buttons unless you want to see html buttons.

Junus Galleries just happens to be in Australia, 62 km from Brisbane where I'll be in October. There are numerous shops and galleries there so I think I just might have to go there.

On the Fringe includes projects on their site. I was looking at their couching project and admiring the little bag on there when I started wondering how tatting would look couched on a crazy quilt block. Like maybe a 2 color lockstitch chain couched with a metallic thread.....or a regular stitch chain in black couched in red? You could shape it any way you wanted. OR.....a row of rings only attached with decorative embroidery. I'll have to get my book of victorian embroidery for crazy quilts out. Some of those stitches are very simple and would set off tatting dramatically.

JHB buttons - I've bought a lot of those at JoAnn Fabrics. They have a craft link too.

Buttons are used in scrapbooking too and some are very tiny or thin to work better with the pages. Now wouldn't a smattering of those glued on a shuttle be unique?

Here are some celtic-themed buttons. They have beads and toggles too!

Really serious button business!


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    If you ever get to Sydney then you MUST see the button shop in Newtown. Here is their website
    All Buttons Great and Small

    and just down the road from there is Aviamentos, with the most fabulous collection of ribbons and braids.

  2. Thank you! I'll be sure to look it up!
    :-) Gina


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