Thursday, April 21, 2005

Launchpad done!

I finished the dragonfly launching/landing pad tonight and it's on the blocking board now drying. If I can finish the dragonfly tomorrow night, I'll have them for Greenfield on Saturday.

I also finished up decorating the shuttles for our lace day raffle. Which is rapidly approaching. Two weeks from Saturday!

The blue one has some tiny tatted rings but they are blue and impossible to see. I put wingtips on the gold one. I'm kinda wanting to keep them now. LOL!

And I even have organdy bags for them! Bought those on clearance once at Michael's.

I'm off to bed now. Was yawning mightily as I ended the launch pad. My roll stitch didn't seem to turn out very well. The split chain was a bit different from what I've done before. I took the thread to a picot where the chain joined and then again to the last join and worked my way back. When I got to the middle join, it also joined to a p on a SCMR and then I kept going back to where I ended. It definitely took some focus.

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  1. I just discovered this blog and now you have my curiosity. I would love to try my hand at customizing a shuttle myself and have lots of questions.

    What type of shuttle are you using for a base and where do you get it at? What type paints are you using and what do you seal it with? Are they still usable once they are customized?

    Love your work.


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