Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's All Bette's Fault

She brought up crochet at our last lace meeting. I had to go through my stash to see what might be suitable for a future class. And just to look. There are probably about a dozen of the pineapple heart patterns in my stuff. So I tried this one using size 20 thread instead of the size 5 it called for. I wanted it smaller and I got it! I didn't do the edging right. It called for a double layer but the instructions were not as clear as I would have liked so I improvised.

Yep.....what a relief. My lace group is gearing up to serve at the Taste of Tippecanoe on Saturday. It's a fundraiser for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation which we are a member of. I just finished sending out the email with everyone's schedule and tomorrow I pick up t-shirts, which I'm told are periwinkle. I think that is the same color our Palmettos shirts were!

I've also scanned my lesson plans into a pdf format so those are available and I think I've contacted everyone who was in my classes to make sure they have everything. There were some in the easier class who wanted some stuff from the harder class.

And I've launched a group for tatting teachers that I hope will be a valuable resource for those who teach the craft.

I'm keeping up with work stuff, barely. There is so much construction going on that it's very difficult to get around on campus. And it's been hot and humid, though the temps plummeted this evening and it's very comfortable now. I hope it is tomorrow too because I have 6 appointments - a heavy day in the life of ergonomics.

I've barely made progress on Tanya's block but I think I'm going to go tat here shortly. My brain seems to be in gear yet. LOL!

I took a peek at ebay late in the day but didn't find much. One shuttle that was already near $100. Not for me! I think instead that I will order those cheapo plastic ones from the Lacemaker and enjoy the decorating instead.

And Sunday, we are having a family cookout for the June birthdays. The gift shopping will have to come later.

And...I'm outta here! Running


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Hi Gina,

    I like your tatting ; great.
    You see, I'm following you...
    Hugs and happy tatting


  2. Thank you Chantal! Must be time to see what you've been up to also.


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