Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My titles aren't showing up for some reason so I'll quit doing that. The entries don't always make sense if you don't see the title.

Tanya emailed and said she got her quilt block today!

It's another of the Bonnet Girls. I adapted it a little. It's supposed to be raining, which I picked for "spring showers", but I never got around to tatting the raindrops. The umbrella and hat did not go as smoothly as I hoped and I was already late, so I finished it up and mailed it off. These blocks really are a lot of fun to make. No one signed up for the summer block so I think interest is dwindling.

I updated my wannatats over at the side. I removed the completed ones but haven't added any new ones. I'm working on the hatband for now. I guess I could list my UFO's at some point. That would be some motivation to finish them. I have a bunched up Dusenbury heart right here in front of me with the shuttles still attached. I only have one hump of the heart left to do so maybe after my hatband I'll finish it.

Okay, here's the 8 petaled motif. I hope it looks more symmetrical after I block it.

The motif measures 2" and the circumference of the hat crown is 21 1/2" which means 11 motifs. The motif itself is 2" counting the picots so I think 11 will likely come out at 21 1/2" instead of 22".....but I'll be checking as I go and maybe I'll have to pull it together with a fluffy organza ribbon flower. I'll be joining as I go so there's no point in blocking this single motif. I might get it done before the fair deadline. LOL!


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