Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Not much tonight

It's been a long hot day so I'm not writing much tonight. I started tatting the elements for the Seasonal Spring Tatted Block for Tanya. I'm having fun coming up with ideas!

Back to Palmettos......

Friday morning, after breakfast and greeting new arrivals, I checked out the Vendor Room. YES! I think we live for tatting supplies, regardless of how much we already have. I did get some thread in spite of telling myself there was absolutely no reason to buy more. And shuttles....

This shuttle came from Rita Cochran. I think I bought a parrot one from her in Hector, but I'm not sure where it is at the moment. I couldn't resist this dog, even though I'm not fond of flat shuttles.

I was intrigued by these "Endless Tatting" shuttles by Abby Small. Most were painted and I especially liked one pair that seemed to have dogwood blossoms on them but decided I would also like to paint them myself so I bought the unpainted ones. I think they might work well for demonstrating with a bigger cord too.

Here's the current Palmettos shuttle by The Shuttle Shop. I ordered it ahead of time. I love the stripes running through the wood. Tulipwood, I believe.

These are Georgia Sietz shuttles. I've seen the big one several times and finally decided to get it. The red & white fan shaped ones were both in the same package and I got the blue one because of the butterfly on it.

The only motif I tatted! I bought Patti Duff's Mini-Tats and made this dimpled ring heart motif from some metallic red one night.

This is just an advertisement I received yesterday for a bead magazine. Doesn't the pendant look like a shuttle?


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