Friday, June 24, 2005

Sizzlin' Hot!!

It's been HOT these past few days. I spent a lovely half hour in the son's pool last night cooling off. May go again tonight if I have time.

Water Polo

I finished the quilt block for my partner last night. Tonight I'll get it into an envelope and send it off by Monday. I'll show it later on in the week after she gets it.

So now, I can play! Finally, I get to make the hat band for my straw hat that I wanted to do last year. I have more than one so I can make more than one. Coincidently, the theme at both Palmettos and Hector next year has to do with hats. There are a couple of tatted hats I would love to make - maybe I should give it a go?

I started a cyberlist for tatting teachers and it's been pretty busy with talk about whether to start newbies out with rings or chains or shuttle or needle and currently, we're talking about standardizing terms/symbols and where to begin. If you are a tatting teacher and not already a member of that list, please email me privately. ginab6 at

later.....ah, someone noticed I haven't made an entry since Saturday. Can't believe it myself! I've been busy working on that block though. Here's something that didn't make it into the block. The proportion was all wrong for the other elements.

I got a bunch of shuttles this week to decorate. I can't wait! But I will....tomorrow I'm teaching the cords at Greenfield, but I'm having trouble finding where everything is. All I need are shuttles and thread but I thought I had some already in process....oh, yeah, in the roll-up display mat we got. I just don't remember where I put it.
Cowboy Yee Haw! I found them!

Wow! 87º and it's 8:06 p.m. My AC is having a little trouble keeping up.

Well, I'm off to look through books and find a good hatband motif. Might have to line them all up in front of me for inspiration. And I might just do all this while sitting in the tub cooling off. LOL!


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