Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another Tat Day Come & Gone!

Zig-Zag Corner, 7872 N. Troy Rd, Greenfield, Indiana

And yes, we were right next to a cornfield, but it was lovely outside. When I arrived, it was overcast and threatening to rain at some point. Instead it cleared and brightened and with the help of some fans, we were quite comfortable. Normally we meet inside, but I heard something about air conditioning problems...I think there were probably too many of us for inside anyway. This was great! There were 2 lengths of tables. This row was at the south end. Mark is socializing as well as helping with the day's project. Kim, his wife and sometimes interpreter (smile) was also present.

There was dinner and a lesson the night before too but I didn't go to that. We had a show & tell table and Mark & Kim had their own table (Mary commented they looked like the bride & groom at a reception) and then there was a food table and the goodie bag table and the thread exchange table. Shopping was inside.

The lessons:

The insertion, a zig-zag chain, and a picot variation were done the night before. Our project for the day was the motif on the right side of the jeans bag. I didn't get a picture of the tatting on the other side of the bag. I also got to see the most gorgeous maple leaf that Mark has designed - which will eventually be in his next book. The man is enormously creative - we just gotta get it from his head to paper!

Some Show & Tell:

The Christmas tree Fair winner was done by our youngest tatter present, Nicole. My stuff is at the left side of the table which has been shown here before so I didn't photograph it.

The Goodies!

Mine (I used some of the stuff already!) and the leftovers. These were made by our member MARIE. Fantastic job! I think there were more than the 3 shown leftover if you'd like to purchase one from Kaye, you can email her at - replace the # with @.

The Sixth Annual Tatday for ZigZag Corner is already schduled for the 4th Saturday in September in 2006, so mark it on your calendar.

There will also be a joint workshop on October 8th with Kaye Judt and Georgia Seitz combining Tatting and Crazy Quilting. The Zig-Zag Corner is primarily a quilt shop. Cost is $40 and includes lunch (Whatta deal!!!) and is 8:00 a.m to 3:30 p.m. For more information, go to Zig-Zag Corner. I didn't see it in the online newsletter or calendar yet, but I'm sure you can email or call and find out details.


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