Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Comfort Tatting

I haven't been able to get my pics side by side, even though there is enough room and it shows them side by side in the preview. grrrr......

Everybody knows how it feels to eat a favorite comfort food, or read a comfort book, wear your special comfort jammies.....all those comforting things when we're blue or stressed or tired.

So what do you do for comfort tatting?

The daisy heart I did the other day was a comfort tat. Something familiar and appealing, not too long of a project or too complicated but not too easy either. It made me feel good to tat it. I knew it would turn out, even when I had to pick stitches out or resize a picot.

I've been exceptionally busy lately and find I don't want any tatting challenges right now. Well....maybe just a tiny challenge, something to keep my brain on the edge a bit. I've been working on the tatted bridal bag in The Classic Collection of Tatting Patterns, from the staff of Workbasket magazine. I've wanted to do it for a long time and it looks pretty easy.

Really....it is....and it is full of cut and ties! I managed to climb out of each round with a split chain or a split ring until round 6. Clovereafs there to attach to a ring from the previous round. At the time, I couldn't see how to do it, but now I think I could. But I already cut & tied and started a new round. The next round is medallions but I don't think they will be a problem. I might even be able to climb out if I don't have to rewind my shuttle. So far, it looks wider than the one in the book. hmmmm....my daughter-in-law's sister is getting married in a few weeks...maybe I should make her one.
The second row threw me at first. It said to make a ring and then another opposite that one and join to the 1st round. Then cut and tie and make a second pair of rings and join to the 1st round. Twelve pairs of rings in all. NO WAY was I going to hide 12 sets of threads! Instead, I did one row of split rings and climbed out with a split ring and made the second row same as the first. I have a feeling I'm giong to use up this ball of size 12 perle cotton with this project.

Well, time for an early night.

Good Night All!


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