Thursday, August 18, 2005


I was looking for a give-away for kids, something that would appeal to boys, especially older boys, like 9 and 10 years old, when we demonstrate lace-making at the Feast. It has to be something that could be done in the 1700's so we're talking very early tatting...and white or ecru thread. Jane Eborall's Itsy Bitsy Spider Pattern is perfect! I think I made 8 of these in 20 minutes. Jane ties knots in her spider legs but I somehow missed that part and blocked them with bent legs instead but you can't get simpler than this....well...maybe throw a josephine knot off for the eyes, instead of beads, but I like those beady eyes.

Sinister Spider Spider

I blocked them as I went, for the most part, leaving all of them on the blocking board and then I sprayed them with spray-starch to help keep the bent-legs.

Actually, our next demo is Global Fest and I can use contemporary tatting in that one. FUN!!!!

Welp, off to the dentist. Just a check up.


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