Friday, August 05, 2005

Yes! I finally heard from Blogger! Too late for my template problems, but I did learn I still have the old upload button. I gotta go back and reload the last photo entries. I coulda sworn I requested "small" but those are mediums.

These pearly discs came with the latest issue of Tatting Times, available from Karey Solomon. There are some patterns that include them, of course!

It's been such a busy week.....I've barely had time to think. I've been trying to get things sorted out for a garage sale at my daughter's house tomorrow. Last night I put a load of things to sell in the dishwasher and it was late. As I sat at the other end of the house sorting through some tatting printouts, I kept thinking I was smelling something like hot plastic. You know? That horrid chemical-like smell because when plastic melts or burns, you get some pretty toxic fumes sometimes. I looked all over the house and couldn't find the source - but it seemed to come from the dishwasher. about the 5th time I looked in there, I found the lid from a tupperware pitcher had slid down and landed on the heating element and melted all the way through!

Another Anna magazine arrived this week. Some nice crochet projects in there but no tatting.

Well...after tomorrow I should be able to catch up...and TAT!


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