Friday, August 26, 2005

My sunglasses are decorated. My thread samples are wound. My shuttle case & shuttles are in the car. But I don't have my tatting stuff sorted and packed for Tat Day tomorrow. Not sure what I'm supposed to bring. Oops - just realized I didn't put enough thread on the sample cards. I thought it said 3 yards which seemed like too little, so I did make it closer to 4 yards....only to read now that it takes 5 yards. THREE samples. I got the 3 samples - don't know why I thought 3 yards.

I found this thread in a container I got at Palmettos - I had strung some beads and started winding a shuttle - but I have no idea why now! I wanted to tat something this evening though. My test diamond from the vintage pattern is done and drying on the blocking board. I'm done painting shuttles and thread winders. I wanted to tat! But I didn't want to get back to the hatband because I won't want to quit. I'll start it again tomorrow night or Sunday. I did a sort of pick and flip....picked a tatting book off the shelf and flipped through it....about 5 times before I found something I wanted to do. LOL! The Workbasket Daisy Heart is one of my favorites. I used the beads already strung on the thread and I added more picots on the edging. It turned out so pretty! It is now in a frame to put ....somewhere. Yeah.....this one's for ME.


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