Saturday, August 20, 2005

Travel ahead!

I booked my flight to Australia this morning. October 14 - November 2.

Now to line everything else up. I won't get there until the 16th, even though I'll be traveling less than 24 hours. LOL! I can't wait!

In the meantime, lots of fantastic stuff going on in the tatting world. I got a link from Georgia's online class about, a website that offers information and patterns about several needlecrafts, including tatting. There are some new tatting patterns as well as vintage ones.

This is one of the diamond motifs from the vintage section. I need to tweak the oval rings somewhat but I like the overall design quite well. Nancy offers directions for an ice cream cone and some luscious berries in her free pattern section.

Gillian Buchanan has been focusing on needle tatting lately in the BellaOnline Tatting Section. She's also got a Picot Techniques Game going on. Follow the links to find gorgeous patterns for double, triple and quadruple picot projects. I also followed a link to the Needle Tatting Group at MSN and found a lovely pineapple doily by Roger Freedman.

If you live close enough to Greenfield, Indiana to come to the Annual Tat-Day at Zig-Zag Corner, it will be well worth your time. Tatman is teaching a class and there are lots of other activities going on. I just realized yesterday that I haven't started decorating any suglasses for the contest!

We're having a Jane-A-Thon this weekend on the listgroup. We're tatting Jane's bugs from her website. There are 12 in all. Whoever tats the most gets a prize!!!! I'm tatting them too, even though I disqualify myself for the prize. Hope to post BUGS on Monday!

My lace group is demonstrating at Global Fest on September 3. I'll use the bugs as give-aways there. It's a great way to empty shuttles and use up irregular beads.

Word just in that Sue Hanson will be participating in " ITV they are running a craft competition on Good Morning TV with Fern Britain etc.." in the tatting segment. Good luck to Sue!

And I'm back to tatting bugs and figuring out how I'm going to decorate those sunglasses!


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