Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Welp, the bug challenge is over. Gail and Abby tied with 12 critters each! Abby's are needle-tatted so I offered her a painted thread winder/holder instead of a shuttle. Kinda hard to paint on a tatting needle! Painted shuttle and thread holder will be posted later.

Gail's above and Abby's here.

And these are mine....I fizzled out on #10.

I walked up to Von's on my lunch hour today...bought beads. (silly grin) Then this evening, I stopped at Hobby Lobby for one thing and ended up buying lots of "Dress it Ups" buttons which were on sale for $.99 each package. Lots of tatting toys...

Just remembered...I haven't decorated sunglasses yet. I had an idea on my way to work this morning. Wish I hadn't sold those hot pink sunglasses in the garage sale.

I'm still working on that diamond motif too. Here's the latest version before joining them:


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