Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2,3, & 4 for 25 motif challenge

Here's motifs #2, #3, & #4 for the 25 motif challenge, same order as in the book. I broke the picot on #2 as I was hiding the end. And the next motif I tried with skinny thread also broke in the process so I went to a bigger thread for #3 & #4. It was beginning to irritate me. LOL! It seems #2 was also some thread I dyed because it bled all over the place when I blocked it and didn't look nearly as vibrant as it did before it got wet. #3 was thread that was already on a shuttle. #4 just said to me that it would look fabulous in white and not to argue.

Anyone else have talking thread that screams and shouts, "Use me, Use me!!!"? Maybe you have squabbling beads -"I'm bigger; I'm tinier; I'm more sparkling; I'm more expensive; I'm the most economical; I'm the only one that matches the thread." Or the shuttles, do yours whisper your name in your ear in the middle of the night if they aren't being used enough? Do they haunt you in your dreams with knots and snarls and split, frayed fibers?

If so, then you are truly an infected tatter. There is no cure. Books will jump into your hands at vendors' booths. Patterns will pop up on your monitor repeatedly until you have no choice but to print them. If you try to sweat it out, I warn you, you will end up curled in the fetal position with shuttles wound up in your hair and tatting needles skewered through your toes.

You might as well not fight it and die happy with yards and yards of tatted lace surrounding you, don't you think?


  1. Yes, I have talking threads and shuttles, but I've learned that when I want to do it my way, I can't hear them if they're in the drawer. LOL

  2. If you keep up this rate you are going to finish the challenge before the end of March. And yes, I plan to die with a mountain of lace behind me.

  3. Don't you wish shuttles could talk? Oh, the stories they'd tell!

    And yeah Sherry, it's likely I'll finish pretty fast. I'm afraid if I set it aside for awhile, I'll lose it!

    :-) Gina

  4. I agree!!!!!

    I wish my better half felt the same too! =)

  5. I love you idea of completing all the motifs in a book. I've thought of doing that myself, but thinking is as far as I've gotten! Doesn't everyone have talking threads, shuttles, and patterns?

  6. I thought al threads, shuttles and patterns talked! I used to take a nap when the grandbaby did in the afternoon, but I've had to give that up and my threads, shuttles and patterns won't be quiet enough for me to sleep! I'll have to try Sharon's method and hide them in a drawer if I can find one big enough. (You know I can't)

  7. True..you can run but you can't hide...or hide the equipment well enough to not hear it. Except in those cases where you put it in a "safe" place - in which case it is not to be found for months and months...but you still h-h-h-e-e-a-a-a-r-r-r-r it!


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