Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I got off to a giggly start this morning when Erin sent me her idea of what I could do with my lucky clover foiled start. I think it is Rudolph disguising himself as a shamrock!

I love it when people start talking ideas back and forth! We're doing a mystery motif on my teacher's group and Jane started her Tat It & See today so emails are flurrying all over. Then, I was trying to clean up my file folder on tatting at work and rediscovered all manner of patterns and found one or two or three that I've been meaning to tat.

Yesterday I realized I have a 5 year blog anniversary coming up. I've got to think of something special to mark it with! I think it's safe to say I had the first tatting blog. There were some other blogs that had tatting in them along with other crafts but no one focused entirely on tatting. But I'll talk more about that when the time comes.

You know, I've noticed a trend.....when I absolutely have to do something, I get all kinds of inspiration that I have to put off because I absolutely have to do something!

Right now I have to write up the pattern for Hector. I thought I had another week or so but a phone call from Karey last night reminded me that I do still have that last detail to work on NOW. LOL! Additionally, I'm teaching a crochet project with my lace guild on Saturday so clearly, I need to have that prepared by Friday. That's what had me looking in my tatting file folder. I thought I had it partially written up but I don't see it. So I guess that's what I'll focus on tonight...late...after I meet with my reiki friends.

But when I get back to that "inspired" stuff, there's a celtic motif I want to try and there a another snowflake that was not originally designed as celtic but that's how it is looking in my eyes, and there's a bookmark that I want to adapt to the woven picots technique.

Jane's first Tat & See It motif. Very poorly done, I might add. Ring #1 seemed to open up some as I tatted so when it was all done, I pulled to close it again and that just threw everything off! And then there is that split ring with 3 colors in it. I wonder what this is going to end up being?


  1. I can't wait to see how this Tat and See turns out!

  2. I have just tagged you for another make My Day Award for your collection!!
    Rules once again on my blog http://tatsakoolchallenge.blogspot.com/

  3. I love your Rudolph. How fun!

  4. Yep, the Rudolph makes me smile every time!

  5. Hello,

    You left a comment for my first tatting, therewith i found a great tatting blog, waow. I thank you so much. Your blog will insipre me surely.



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