Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yeah, I'm stuck in this mode for awhile. I found a tiny heart applique to crochet and added an edging and a hanger. So now we have a heart thimble holder.

You wouldn't believe how many thimbles I have. LOL! I don't really collect them but I probably have about 2 dozen around here. You know, these could hang on my miniature Christmas tree when it's not Christmas.

I keep thinking of tatted ones to make too, but that wouldn't fit in the current program so I'll leave those to another time.

As part of my research, I was looking for crochet tutorials. YouTube was disappointing. There were tons of them but most were not very good. Often it was video without sound but the video was not good in showing closeups so a newbie would clearly be lost or at least confused. Part of my background involved learning how to do training. I do mostly safety training but you use the same process for any kind of teaching. It might be boring to those who already know how to do something but training isn't usually needed for the knowledgeble. It's for someone who doesn't know or understand and wants to know. has a very good site compared to anything else I've seen so far. There are short video clips for each step in crocheting. You can use real player or windows media player.

While surfing around for simple round motifs, I found a heart bordered filet crochet mat. The original had the word "LOVE" in it but I was thinking it might make a lovely name doily for my son & his fiance. I've already offered a wedding hanky with a tatted edging (and I'll probably tat a cross too but haven't told her that yet) so another needlework medium is a good idea. And then I got to thinking about a hardanger frame around the filet crochet mat and then a tatted edging around that. Perhaps my idea is a bit over the edge? My hardanger skills are questionable. Better stick with what I know for now.

Okay...I had to tat before the day was over. I've been seeing Nancy's tree from being tatted by various people in different threads and it reminded me that I wanted to do that one back when I was stuck on trees. I made 2 mistakes, one on the very top chain and one ring is missing a picot. The thread is Altin Basak in a metallic gold/ivory. I thought I gave this ball away but I just found it along with another metallic one that looks like pewter.

I still want to do Linda Davies' tree earrings too before I give up Christmas tatting altogether.


  1. I love your thimble holders! I do have a thimble collection, and I think my little beauties would love to have homes like these!

  2. Another little thimble holder. I will have to keep my thimbles from seeing this or they will be wanting to move to your house! The tree is cute and nobody will notice the mistakes but you. Your daughter-in-law to be is very blessed! A wedding hanky and a cross! I always enjoy your posts and you give us lots of good information. In case you don't see my reply to your posting for me, thanks so much. I consider your praise very highly.


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