Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here's the beaded thimble holder. I used the thread I had out which I said was manuela in another entry but I think it is Altin Basak. It is smaller than size 20. In fact, it seems more like size 40 so it might be a Flora thread. The label is long gone. Because the thread was smaller, it crocheted up smaller but it's still big enough for a thimble!

I bought this book recently at a used book store. I've seen it on before and fairly cheap but my impression from other reviews was that it had very little tatting in it. Wrong! The book has 128 pages and the tatting starts on page 40 so the bulk of the book is tatting. It's a British book published in 1973. I think I've seen some of the patterns in a few of the other tatting books/booklets I've gotten from the UK.

I tatted the coaster from the "Lemonade Set". Initially I started with some Coats Dual Duty variegated thread but by the third round, I was regretting it. It was too fine and I kept making mistakes that made it very difficult to retro-tat and my thread broke so I gave it up and tried again with the thread I used for the beaded thimble-holder. It went much more quickly, largely because I'd figured out all the changes by then, but also because the thread was easier to use. The instructions call for a cut and tie after every round. Oooooh....what a good time to use bridging! I used split chains to end the first 2 rounds. The 4th round started where the 3rd round ended so I didn't have to change anything there. I left off the 5th round because it appears from the photograph that it wraps under the coaster and holds the motif in place. I like it this way anyway. As I skim through the book, it's clear I would have to read ahead (always a good practice that I don't follow myself) and note where bridging would be helpful.


  1. I love the thimble holders and the motif. I've got to check for this book! Thanks for the tip. I hope I can find it.

  2. Hi Gina. I found the book and it came today! You are right. The tatting is numerous and I can't wait to get into it! So much tatting, so little time!


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