Saturday, January 05, 2008

Emptying shuttles again. This is a motif from Workbasket, February 1950. You tat several together for the end of a scarf...I don't know if they meant table scarf or neck scarf. I tried making my joins from the opposite direction so the other color wouldn't show but it still shows, just not as blatantly. This is tatted with chains around the rings which I generally prefer to do over onion rings but I think onion rings would work better in this particular case. I like the color effect though. There was a mistake in the directions. The first round of chains is described as 9 ds, but the next round says to join in the picot of the chain and from the photograph, it's clear you tat 9 ds, p, 9 ds.

I crocheted a butterfly from the same publication but it's blocking at the moment.

I changed out the wax paper on my blocking board today. I know it's been there at least since August - you can still see the dark spots from some black thread that bled. Seems like I usually change it more often but it really wasn't in bad shape. After awhile, the paper distorts in shape from the water and glue that is often on there.

I certainly didn't get much else done today. I'm babysitting my son's dog, Gizmo. The poor cats retreated to the basement as soon as someone came in the door. They're petrified to come up and I've left the door shut since the dog is young and playful. Small but still too energetic for 10 year old cats. The dog is still a puppy I think or not quite a year old.


  1. The little motif is lovely and reminds me of stained glass! I like it very much.
    Your son's dog looks like a sweetie! I hope the cats have re-established their domicile.

  2. Good morning, Gina! I've tagged you for the You Make My Day Award. If you're interested in participating, the information is on my blog. Diane

  3. good morning, gina.
    hermosoa trabajos los que haces, me gusta mucho el fribolite,quizas puedas tener patrones faciles de hacer y mandarmelos a mi correo.
    te invito a pasar por mi blog.

  4. Zita,

    Contact Wally Sosa who has a link over at the right side at the bottom. I will try to get your name to her also.
    :-) Gina


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