Thursday, January 24, 2008

I didn't know crocheted lace could be made by machine but it appears that there is a machine in China for that purpose. I couldn't find out any more about it but it can make 700 yards in 24 hours of 12 cm width...depending on the material it is made out of along with a few other factors.

There's a brand new issue of CQMagOnline!

Here's the lastest rendition of Jane's TIAS. I should have done some warm-up tatting with this thread before I started the critter here. I think it's safe to assume it is some sort of animal critter. It's easier to tat with this thread now that I've handled it some.

My thumbtips are cracking since it's so dry around here. I've boiled tons of water and used lotion after lotion but it would be nice if it warmed up so the furnace didn't run all the time and dry the air so. I believe it's to get up around 40º at the weekend but right now it is 0ºF. I'll tape up my thumbs after putting some antibiotic ointment on them and that will do wonders overnight. My lips are beginning to get very dry too. Plenty of water going in....and going out about as fast! I was trying to work on my project for Hector tonight but my thumbs were getting unhappy so I decided to call it a night.


  1. I hear you about the dryness. I am having the same problem. It was 1 degree last night. Not as bad as when I lived in South Dakota where is was 40 below and my feet cracked and bled as well as my hands. I am thankful for just chapped lips right now!

    Wouldn't it be funny if this TIAS turned out to be something other than an animal?

  2. aacckk! 40 below! It was 6 below when I got up this morning but it's rapidly warming. I've had the cracked heels badly in the past too. I've been diligent with the creams this year and it's helped - maybe with some of the vitamins I've been taking too. I'm usually "cracked up" long before now. LOL! I imagine your pottery takes its toll on your hands too. Even with gloves, some gloves tend to leech the moisture out of your hands.

    :-) gina


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