Friday, January 18, 2008

Apparently I am not getting enough tatting time in. I was up way past my bedtime last night working this earring from Judith Connors' book, Contemporary Tatting, to help a new tatter understand how to join those beads at the bottom. There is more to the earring but I haven't gotten to that part yet. I kept thinking, "this won't take long...". You know how that goes. To begin with, I couldn't find the plastic rings even though I know I have repeatedly moved a package several times over the past few weeks. I ended up finding some in another location. Then....I had to string beads and wind a shuttle....then I tatted and scanned and tatted and scanned..... I simply could NOT stop myself!

Then this morning, I saw that Jane had posted day 5 on TIAS. I tatted it before I went to work, maybe even before I took my shower - I don't remember now. Not only did I tat it, I scanned it and uploaded it here.

During my lunch hour, I visited Trinity Mission. I couldn't believe it - I found this tatted doily marked at only a quarter! I tried not to take it personal but it's kind of hard not to get a bit miffed that it was valued so little. can't really see it too well is really stained badly. I have it soaking in OxyClean right now. There are some rust stains on one side that aren't coming out. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve but if they don't come out, it will be a good excuse to try painting dye on it. I will find a way to salvage it somehow.

I also rescued this little finger towel or whatever it is. Looks brand new and never used or even washed. No fiber content tags though. It was only 10¢. I love making sachets and little pillows and bags out of linens like this.

See this little bit of crochet that is in the center? I wonder if it was purchasd that way or added later? I've never seen that added touch on one of these before.

I just discovered a bit ago that I have jury duty on February 5th. This is my very first time being summoned in all these years that I've been a registered voter.

Tonight was my first gym workout. I am definitely on a kick to lose weight before my son's wedding in October!

And....I got some Due South DVD's I ordered today so I'm off to watch Paul Grosso and finish knitting a mitten.


  1. I'd love to go shopping with you some time... you find the best stuff!

  2. What? Is that all?
    What are you doing with your free time? LOL

  3. I just got season one of Due South for Christmas! Haven't watched it yet, though. Saving it to share with hubby!
    I'm with do you find all this great stuff?


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