Monday, June 20, 2011

#11 in 25 Motif Challenge

Alrighty! I'm up to figure 8 in Plate 2 of the D.M.C. Tatting vintage publication.

This is the 2nd of 8 edgings.

Here's a close-up of the tatted part. There is a stitch count version at the end of this post. This is rings only and very simple. The hardest part is keeping the bare thread space consistent. I eyeballed it and you can tell, if this was a bigger picture, that I was off here and there. You could easily attach it to fabric just as it is but the instructions included a crocheted heading.

I used size 20 for the tatting and size 40 DMC for the crocheted part. I know I didn't use the crocheted header in the last figure but this one was a little different and I wanted to try it. I joined the thread at the base of the small ring and then single crocheted 3 times on the bare thread. The directions then said to chain 7 stitches and then single crochet 3 times on the bare thread before the small ring. Chain 7 was too long so I reduced it to 5. I realized later that the number of chain stitches should be the same as the single crochet involved in the small ring. There are 3 sc before the small ring and then 1 in the base of the small ring with 3 following, so that is 7 sc. By going down to ch 5, I probably should have only done 2 sc before the small ring, 1 in the base, and 2 after for a total of 5 sc. Still, it seems to look okay.

The second row of crochet is simply ch 4 to turn, *skip one stitch, double crochet in the next stitch, ch 1, and continue from * to the end.

This is a second piece I tatted to make an edging for a bag. I didn't want to use the original sample as they are all going into a binder along with my notes. I joined it all together which was great for finishing but tricky to block. I blocked it on the corner of my blocking board (Styrofoam covered with parchment paper). The tatting didn't need blocking but the crocheted part did. I might have had more luck steam pressing it but I was going somewhere and decided to just pin it.

Remember the embroidered piece I did a few weeks ago? I decided to make it into a little bag. The tatting is the perfect touch.

Here it is flat. Since making a bag was an afterthought instead of part of the original plan, I didn't place my ribbon opening well.

I buttonholed an opening in the seam which is in the back. I really think it should have been in the front. Next time....

For this one, I just draw up the ribbon and wrap it around to the front. I did think to miter the bottom corners so that it has a flat bottom allowing it to stand if desired!

Here's the stitch count. I didn't measure the bare space but it would depend on what size thread you're using. I think I read once that you need a bare thread from one ring to the start of another to equal half the ring size more past the picot on the right side. Obviously if you are tatting in size 80 that distance is going to be much shorter than in size 20. Click on the photo and it will be bigger so you can see the numbers better.

Of course I had to try it in color and with beads! I have an idea for this so it may show up in a future post.

I've figured out that I can't comment on some blogs from work, but I can from home. I have no idea why because I CAN comment on some blogs from either location. So hopefully I will remember to go back to the blogs I've tried to comment on and couldn't when I get home this evening.


  1. I love the edging! It is the perfect compliment to your bag!

  2. GORGEOUS little bag! My crochet skills are lacking - I've never crocheted with small thread before, so I couldn't do this. But I love this!

  3. The bag is really lovely and as you said, the edging is a perfect finish.

  4. It looks great on the bag!

  5. Very pretty...I really like this...simple, but effective.

  6. This darling bag certainly shows off your needlework skills! And the 'simple' tatted edge adds the perfect finishing touch. The crocheted 'header' very much gives the tatting 'substance' and certainly hides the single threads attractively. Thank you for you all your work in figuring out how to best achieve the right crochet stitch counts, and what size thread to use. One has to use one's own judgment when trying to figure out the vintage instructions.

    Although the crocheting adds to the design and solved a problem for attaching the tatted lace, wouldn't it be great if we could know how 'excited' tatters were when the tatted chain was 'invented' or introduced. Must have caused quite a stir!

    I'm also admire your embroidery! It's not my strongest skill - too much 'guesswork' on where to place the needle. I quite admire how you 'signed' your name. Such tiny letters!!

  7. Love the bag - your edging looks elegant!

    I wonder if it would work to crochet the header first and attach the tatting as you work it?

  8. Sharren, I think that would work in all that I've done up to now. This one had you crochet over the bare thread space so to join as you went along tatting would change the look. That's not a bad thing necessarily and I've certainly taken liberties with the previous samples so I will keep that in mind for the next one. Good idea!

  9. Oh, I love the bag, and the edging finishes it off beautifully! I think the bare thread bits would give me a headache. The crocheting looks very nice with the tatting.

  10. I love that edging! It's so dainty (: Perfect for the little bag.

  11. Such a talented lass you are! LOVE the little bag - it is so sweet with the embroidery AND the tatting and ribbon!

    The simple one shuttle edging is so appealing and is lovely in the pastel thread with beads.
    Fox : )

  12. Such a pretty edging and it looks wonderful on the little bag to complement your needlework.

  13. I fell in love with the second picture and then I saw the bag! absolutely beautiful.

  14. So beautiful on the bag. I love it.

  15. Hi Gina!
    Your bag is SO pretty! I love the dainty embroidery work and the edging.

    I tatted this edging a couple years ago for a friend. I made a 40" length of it (mind you, I used a larger thread size) for her to add to the edge of a pillow case. It was fun to tat but the crochet border was a killer for me.

    :) Ann


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