Sunday, June 05, 2011

So, the hanky giveaway is done and they should all be winging their way to new owners on Monday. In the meantime, I've been working on various forms of lace and preparing for my granddaughter's high school graduation.

I have to admit I got all teary-eyed when I saw this beautiful cake and all the photos on the wall. I only got to see Katie once or twice a year until she was 4 years old and they moved back to Indiana. As you can see, she didn't change all that much over the years. Always those curls, that smile and enthusiasm. Like all young parents, hers had ideals and strict guidelines about how they would be accomplished...and then life threw them a few curveballs. We all know about those - you learn to adjust, to compromise, and to approach things from a different angle.

And then our children, and grandchildren, grow up and danged if they don't have those fresh new ideals and notions about how things should be done! I'm old enough to know that what's new isn't really all that new - it's just presented differently in new and improved packaging but basically, it's the same stuff. It does get better, but not until a few curveballs forces us into growth, depth, and compassion. I'm excited for Katie, happy to see her embarking on a new adventure as she attends Purdue next fall. I wonder how she will deal with the curveballs, both now and later in life? I think she comes from a very supportive family who will help her if she asks. But you sometimes takes them awhile to get that.

Today is the actual graduation which will be very very long with hundreds of students. So I won't get much done today and while I'd like to post about the next segment of the vintage tatting I'm working on, I won't have time. I do have a pic of some embroidery I've been playing with. I'm working on a second version now with buttons. There may be a 3rd version in the works including tatting but I haven't gotten that far yet!

This was a free pattern from The Floss Box.


  1. Graduations are so exciting! I love to wonder what all those graduates have in store for them, and where their paths will take them, despite those curveballs. Congratulations to your grandaughter :)

  2. Your granddaughter is lovely- congratulations!

  3. WOW, your granddaughter is drop dead gorgeous and I know who she takes after. You are so right about ideals and guidelines - we all do it, don't we? I've grown so much since my life fell apart that I'm extremely grateful for having had the 'four bad years' now.

  4. Wow - I still can't believe you have grown grandchildren and also have great-grandchldren! Am I correct that you also have an association with Purdue? Congratulations to the Class of 2011, and Best Wishes and Good Luck to Katie in her future endeavors!

    This year is my 50th H.S. reunion, and although it's a true statement, my mind is in denial of the passage of time!

    I really can't keep up with you! I don't have any time for tatting lately, and my activities for the past week have mostly involved buying and setting up a new Netbook that I purchased. Yours is the first blog I'm commenting on with this new netbook, so this is a double test: (1) to see if Blogger comments are back in working order, and (2) to see if my Netbook works okay! Plus, I'm typing this while I'm sitting in my gazebo in the back yard - very cool. It's much easier to cart around than my laptop!

  5. She is a honey and you are right ... she looks exactly as she did as a little one! I hope she hits all those future curve balls right out of the field!
    Fox : )

  6. It must be exciting to see your granddaughter graduate! And wonderful to be a part of the celebration.
    I like your embroidery, Gina, it's cute!

  7. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Congrats to your grand daughter. They seem to grow up so fast. She must be excited and you must be so proud of her.


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