Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretty Chatelaine

I was browsing Etsy yesterday, looking at all the pretty things related to lace and lacemaking. I came across this Dragonfly Chatelaine by Lady Dusty Rose which I found intriguing, especially since she mentioned tatting at the same time.

These are her own lamp worked beads. There's a cutter (great for airplane trips!) and a hook. And see the thread wound around a cylinder? That's the ball thread holder - or shuttle! Isn't that clever? I was tempted to buy it but I'd already made a few purchases and I thought I'd like different colors, so I'll bide my time and see what she comes up with in the future, but I figured there were lots of tatters out there who would especially like this color combination. Or who love dragonflies. I love dragonflies and lampworked beads so that was a big draw for me to begin with! The Chatelaine is worth the cost of the beads alone, IMO. I've had a few lovely conversations with her and found her to be very pleasant.

Awhile back, during another browsing session but this time on Flickr, I found a collection of paper shoes done by a man named Carlos N. Molina and I asked him if I could post about them on my blog. He graciously said yes. Unfortunately, I could only manage to get a thumbnail photo to post but you should go see the whole collection on his site anyway to appreciate the depth and breadth of his skill in paper art.

I did buy these sweet lace clothespins from Inspirations by Faith. I couldn't be too bad after my expenditures from last weekend's Lace Day! These are pretty to look at but can also be used to roll ribbon or lace on. see where this is going don't you? I'm thinking about upcoming hand dyeing days. I better get busy tatting some edgings!


  1. ...yes, I saw those on Etsy also, very pretty. I am holding myself back on purchasing too. Like you, I am waiting to see if she does more in other colors.... maybe.

    Those clothespins are adorable!

  2. Awesome clothespins!

    I didn't drop many $ at Lace Day, either. Did pick up the pretty bobbin + some of the charming pins at registration desk.

    ( $40 tatting workshop w/$14 kit was where most of my money went )

  3. Love the clothespins - looks like something I would like to collect :)

  4. Chatelaines have been mentioned in Medieval novels and I had a vague idea of what it might be, but this is the first one I've seen. Even if this is modern, I would imagine they had beautifully crafted versions, too. Carlos Molina's papercrafts are amazing. And Faith has a lovely shop. What a beautiful collection of crafts, Gina. A whole crafting world I wasn't aware of -- what fun!


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