Sunday, June 26, 2011

#13 of 25 Motif Challenge

This edging was easy-peasy too. This is figure 10 of Plate 2 from D.M.C. Tatting.

You might remember back in February that I posted motif #5 which features a series of rings with the thread joined from the base of the ring to a picot at the top to produce a line of head to toe rings which we now accomplish with split rings. I tatted it according to the directions though and crocheted the header. The tatting is done in two rows. The first one is rings with long picots on one side where the second row of tatting is joined and short picots on the other side where the crochet is done. The second row of tatting is all chains. Very simple, but effective.

I was itching to use some of the new thread I bought last weekend so I immediately tatted up a more contemporary version in bookmark form. I used split rings and made the picots the same size on both sides. Then I tatted the chain pattern all around. I'm pretty certain I've seen this pattern somewhere too. More and more I see elements from this publication morphed into lovely patterns we already have.

I can never seem to get the crochet part done to my satisfaction but the directions are to join in the 1st short picot of the ring, *ch 1, sc into the 2nd short picot, ch 7, sc into next short picot, and repeat from * for the length. At the end, ch 4 to turn, dc into the ch between the first two sc, *ch 1, skip 1 st, dc in next , and repeat from * for the length of the piece. I actually used the same count this time, not decreasing anything! I used size 20 on the tatted piece and size 40 on the crochet. Maybe I need to go to something even smaller for the crochet. I was using a size 14 hook too, but it just seems loose and uneven.


  1. I very much doubt it's you with the crochet 'quality'. Could it be the thread that's changed over the years?
    LOVE the new thread. Colours are so vibrant.

  2. absolutely beautiful Gina, splendid job. I always look forward to your samples and opinions, and explanations of them, the little commentaries about how they went for you or what didn't work, how they tatted up, etc. I have learned a lot from reading your posts and find everything you post very valuable . I Thank you for all you do. May the universe continue to smile and supply you with friendly musings for tatting inspiration :)


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