Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anyone notice I don't have word verification anymore? It was suggested in a blogger forum to remove it as a way to help people comment easier. They said Blogger has spam filters now anyway. So I still moderate to approve the comment before it shows, but it's one less step for you.

I haven't started tatting figure #8 in the challenge but I wanted to show this because it has the crocheted header on it, like so many of them do in this vintage publication. I think it's kind of a pain and am not certain it's even needed for contemporary tatting, but I've tried it to see how much trouble it is. Given the lack of instructions, such as thread size and hook size to use, I managed okay, but would like a little more direction.

So...I was digging around in a small bag of "stuff" I found in the studio closet while looking for something else and guess what I found?

A length of tatted rings with a crocheted heading! I did NOT tat this. It's a vintage piece that was in some other lace I bought somewhere once upon a time. I didn't even know I had it!

Here's a close up. I think the thread is at least size 20 but it could be size 10. I can't really tell if the crochet thread is the same size or smaller.

Now I would like to find something that an edging like this is attached to. Did they stitch right up next to the tatting or was the outermost crocheted chain caught by sewing thread to lay against the fabric?

Anyone have something they could show???


  1. I have noticed that on a few other blogs there is no word verification but thought that just happened once in a while - didn't know you had a choice, I do now! Always interested when tatting and crochet are worked together, but they do not always work, your vintage piece is very neat, can't comment on the method though.

  2. Maureen7:33 PM

    The QLD tatters had a session on attaching edgings recently, and Judith Connors brought in many examples of different methods to discuss. The crocheted headings were usually attached directly onto a round of single crochet on the article itself - (Linen centre in this case); or in one instance, simply slipstitched onto the crochet edge of a hanky.

  3. Hi Gina, about 10 years ago, I've done an edging from "Enciclopedia" by T.Dillmont that had a crochet border (image is public in FB, in group "Therese de Dillmont"). I attached it with very little stitches, each in every crochet chain and taking a very little piece of fabric. Sewed with lace and fabric close together and aligned face to face, fabric in reverse. I don't know if i was clear, hope this help you. Ninetta.

  4. Was that the pink and blue border? It's beautiful! Such lovely work!


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