Saturday, June 18, 2011

I drove 6+ hours only to get this....

Six balls of thread (I put two others back), a spool of metallic thread, two commemorative bobbins, two plain bobbins to match the two I'm missing from a dozen (not pictured here), and a gift.

Lunch at Omega's (a huge BLT plate with cole slaw, fries, a muffin and sesame bun) with some tatters!

Who just happened to be these ladies, minus Diane. Sue Anna from Sue Anna's Blog, whose computer is on the fritz; Diane from Lace-Lovin' Librarian, Barb Gordon who does not have a blog but is a familiar voice on many lists, Merrilee from Yarnplayer's Tatting, and me. Diane was not there until we returned from lunch.

Of course Diane felt compelled to give us one of her fabulous blinged shuttles! I'm getting quite a collection now. It's almost embarrassing! You'd think I was stalking her just to get one of her pretty shuttles.

I traveled with my lace friend Sally who took the bobbin lace class and finished up a gorgeous snake bookmark. She ordered the lunch L.A.C.E. provided, so didn't join us. Another member of our lace guild, Regina Bouley, came separately and also took the bobbin lace class so Sally wasn't without company.
I also got to meet Lelia, from Stitches of Life II and her friend, Karol, of Rosebud's Stitching.

It was a fun outing even if I was tired as a dog by the time I got home and crashed on the sofa for an hour. If I didn't mention it, this was the Lace Day sponsored by the Lacemakers of Illinois, L.A.C.E., Lacemakers and Collectors Exchange. My bobbins were hand painted by L.A.C.E. member Kate Wild.


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time!
    Lovely bobbins, beautiful green thread ( <3 ).

  2. Oooooh, what fun and I'm SO jealous that you guys all got together. One day, perhaps I'll meet that little gang - who knows!

  3. You were much more reserved in your purchases than I was! After seeing that darling snake, I really wish I had signed up to take a class. Oh, well! Maybe I won't be so hesitant next time!

    It was so much fun seeing everyone and taking time to chat! That's the most socializing I've done since... hmmm... must have been the Lace Day in Lafayette! I think I need to get out more!

  4. Hello! Very nice to put a face to your blogs(at last). I didn't know many real names; however, paired with blog names, all clicked into place.

    I had taken the tatting workshop the day before. As for the bobbins - it was a wonderful class. I didn't finish mine (no surprise); however, did learn a lot + the class was a good one. Excellent instructions, demonstrations, and cheering on by the L.A.C.E. members.

    I bought three balls of fibers + a couple lace bobbins. Did pick up some pins at the front registration area (couldn't resist them).

    Stay tuned for some pictures. I still feel tired from both days. What a fossil I am.

    Always, Lelia blogging at
    Stitches of Life II

  5. Looks like a blast!

    I'm looking forward to my big tatting fest, Palmetto Tat Days, in September. Can't wait!

  6. It was great to meet you and have lunch. I spent a lot and look
    forward trying my hand at bobbin lace. This was my first L.A.C.E. days and need to know be shy to try the classes. I'll have to keep tabs on when your group has their next lace days. Nothing better than meeting people who love lace!

  7. Gosh that was a very long drive, but seemed well worth it to meet up with so many like minded people. I bet you never stopped talking, well just long enough to have the photo taken!

  8. Sally, that was the round trip. It took 3+ hours to get there due to misinterpreting AND bad directions, but I think it only took a little over 2 1/2 hours to get back to Lafayette.

  9. Looks like fun! And the drive was worth it, it seems, and such pretty things! I wish there were more tatters/tatting resources 'round here. ^_^

  10. sounds like a good day to me....and stalk away if that's what you get in the end, it's a fascinating shuttle.


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