Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tatting Tea Tuesday

Wild Olive had a Tea Party Week recently. I was so hoping to find time to make the tea cup mug, embroider it and add a touch of tatted lace, but it was not to be.

Well....it could be if I wanted to delay this post even longer.

But, I've been really lax about Tatting Tea Tuesday and so wanted to post something relevant. I have no tatting at all to show today. I ended up playing with bobbin lace last night. Thought I would just wind some bobbins to work on a project tonight when I meet up with my lace friend but I so wanted to learn Rose Ground that I thought I'd go ahead and get started, saving the rest for tonight. Ha...I finished it! But, as usual for my first attempt, there is room for improvement so I will probably do another piece tonight anyway.

In the meantime, I have a lot of tatting that needs to be attached to something or other, plus 3 projects still in the works. I need to get back to the rosettes and the other project I hinted at in that post. I also keep coming across the tatting HERE that I started for a specific rock. The rock is on the bookcase and the lace is nearby with my other tatting. I just can't seem to get back to it!

I want to do something with the embroidery I finished recently and ....on and on and on. I did not seem to accomplish much on my days off but it I enjoyed them anyway. I did mean to finish up the fabric sorting and did not but I did go through some thread I was gifted with and will be having a giveaway related to that soon. It's all the fine tatting thread, not sure of the size since I have always mistaken the big "60" for the size when it is actually the yardage. It's either size 70 or 80, the tiny tatting thread. There's a story that goes with it so check back.

So, just for fun, here are some links to tea parties and crafts on other blogs:

Such Pretty Things has eye candy to die for and can't you imagine some pretty delicate tatted lace mixed in there?

Over at The Tea Cabinet, I saw some links to additional crafts. There's the edible tea cup party favor with the recipe to make.

There's a teabag wreath which I might make from all the tea my son and I seem to have accumulated and will never use. I could bring it into work and share it.

Look at these tea party goodies! Teabag shaped cookies - Yum!

Pretty tea sachets to make from Martha Stewart.


  1. You always find such interesting links! I must have spent an hour just clicking merrily through them all.

    Thanks for such a tea-full post today!

  2. Ah, but you find such interesting posts too!

  3. Links....but they are in posts!

  4. Dang - you've given me another sidetracked moment. Oh, the ideas that are out there! Sometimes it's too bad I have to work to support my habits - I could spend all day either surfing or creating :)


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