Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Was a Good Night

Indeed, a good night! I finished up my Rose Ground sampler that I started the night before and then tatted the first part if Plate 2, figure 8 in the DMC tatting. Crochet will come later.

It was as good as eating ice cream and drinking champagne, surrounded by scented colorful flowers.

Good Times....


  1. :) :) :) :) . . . . . life is good!!

  2. Gina, that is stunning! A good night, indeed!
    Fox : )

  3. Ah, yes! A good night, indeed! Ice cream, champagne... there goes the diet!

    Your Rose Ground sampler and tatting are beautiful as always!

  4. Your rose ground and tatting looks beautiful, ice cream and champagne, nice idea sorry I cant join you I am on a fat free diet, just have one for me.

  5. Gorgeous, Gina! Love the sampler.

  6. both gorgeous! hmm, a great nite i'd think with ice cream and champagne. cheers.

  7. I am convinced that you neither sleep nor eat, although you must have enjoyed the sunrise with your ice cream and champagne! (You have admitted to taking naps, however!) Your energy and creativity continue to astound me!

    The bookmark is beautiful! The thing that intimidates me about bobbin lace is the amount of equipment needed, the intensity of the work, and the lack of portability. But I certainly do amire the skill involved. One of the bobbin lacers at Maple Fest was making a vest out of coral and brown thread. I didn't think it was possible to make something that large, in one piece, on the pillow! I have photos that I will share when I receive her permission.

    Thanks for mentioning the 'absence' of your word verification. It seems to me other blogs have not had it, and I thought I simply didn't 'remember' putting it in, like a 'senior moment'!

  8. Word verification is an option just like moderating is. I find spam slips through with just word verification so I still had to moderate but I can moderate without having the word verification. On some blogs, it's slow to show up or when it does, it's at the bottom, below what is visible on your monitor until you scroll down.

    I wish I didn't have to sleep! In fact, I stay up way too late as it is. I actually went to bed early last night!

  9. just lovely....especially the piece at the bottom of the pillow...gorgeous!!


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