Monday, June 13, 2011

Figure 7 edging

I finished this up last night and blocked it before going to bed. It's tatted in size 16 Finca and the beads are probably size 10. They're slightly bigger than your typical seed bead. The ribbon is for scale. It's a 1/8" ribbon so you can see the edging isn't very wide, maybe 1/2". It was harder to work with in this size than the size 20 and seemed to take forever to tat.

This time I tatted the lockstitch chain across without any rings and then I came back across tatting a chain 5-5 and joining in the previous joins. It will be a surface trim on a bag which I won't show until next month. It looks better than in the scan. I tried scanning it with several backgrounds but the beaded rings simply don't show up well. I could try a photo, a macro, but I think you get the idea.

I realized in the shower this morning that I got a sunburn on my arms and my knees yesterday during a family outing. I was surprised, first because I was mostly at a table with an umbrella shading me and secondly, because I didn't even notice it until the hot water hit my skin this morning. So now I've got a farmer's tan to somehow even out or will wear sleeves all the time when in public. LOL!

It really chilled out the past 2 days. It's only 66º right now and about 45 minutes yet til noon. I imagine it will warm up to 70 something in the early afternoon. In the meantime, I'm enjoying it.


  1. You've tatted another pretty edging, Gina! I really must finish up with that sewing room so that I can make use of all the inspiration I'm getting from blogs these days. See you Saturday!

  2. This edging is lovely and i particularly like it in blue. It just cries out fot=r a little girl's white sock!

    Is that what it's called? A farmer's tan? I ALWAYS have one of those! Every year. Just did not know what it was called!
    Fox : )


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