Monday, February 16, 2004

Ah! I just had a brain-gurgle! I wanted to say brain-fart but I'm becoming very conscientious of my audience.

The butterfly collar in the painted graduated 3 color-threads technique!!!! Wouldn't that be GORGEOUS????????

And...............I just bought 4 beautiful pastel shades of ultra-twist sulky thread........think how much stronger it would be to use 3 strands of that thread, which is actually sewing machine thread with only a 35# strength. It doesn't take a whole lot to snap it when it's a single thread.

oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, it's taking a passle of willpower to not just drop everything and give it a try..............

I've got something like 45" of the edging done. 3 more inches and it's done. About 1/2 hour's work. Then attach and tack and another goodie done! 'cept I probably have to make a smaller hanky than what I've got.


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