Thursday, February 12, 2004

I started tatting Nell's edging and felt the time crunch to get it done for the bonnet, so I've opted for an even simpler edging. I switched from 3 ds,p,3ds on the chain part to 4 ds, p, 4 ds, and it seems to lay a little straighter. The hanky I'm using is 16" square so that means 4 x 16 = 64" of tatted edging! Almost 2 yards. One set of directions calls for a 13" square and another says 10" square so I could probably make this smaller. I may just make a new square from some fine white fabric. The nice thing about hankies is that they are already hemmed. The link I used earlier is to an updated site that uses an electronic sewing machine to do some fancy stitchwork on it. I found the original directions I had which no longer exist on the web but they are much simpler.

This one used a 10 x 10 hanky and attached an edging. Lay the hanky flat and fold one end back about 1/2" and press the fold. At the opposite end, fold the edge back about 2 1/2", then fold that edge back 1". It makes a little accordian fold which is the front of the bonnet. Using a needle and thread and long basting stitches, gather up the edge with the 1/2" fold and pull it up tightly, securing the ends. This can be snipped to let it be the bride's hanky (something old) in future years. Ribbon ties are tacked at the front fold which helps secure them ............and voila - you have a baby bonnet! I have a slightly different poem that goes with it that I like better too. I'll try to get that on here later.

As you can see, I've only got about 8" of edging done. And I told the girl a week to 10 days. What was I thinking of!

I made a stop in St. Vincent DePaul's today and found some vintage thread. One bag of assorted threads for $.39! Most of it is size 30 and six cord from this bag.

I can't find this particular thread around here. The Elgin Maid is a perle cotton, size 12. I also got a bag of size 30, regular 3 cord J.P. Coates Big Ball but you don't see size 30 around here much either. There was another bag of white and ecru which had one ball of 3 cord size 50. None of the bags was over $.50. I also got some circular knitting needles there, about 4 different sizes, for $1.00 each. Our lace group is having a knitting instructor this Saturday and using circular knitting needles is one feature of the instruction. I thought I'd bring a few extras in case someone forgets or doesn't have any.

I always have fun in this store. I got a small gavel for one of my committee chairmen who commented jokingly that she needed one this morning. She is a friend and I'm teasing her with it. I got 2 Barbie dolls with the jointed legs and arms. I use them in the display window at work and the joints help me pose them. I need to find a few more male dolls though. I got a dark skinned doll somewhere else recently. Two of them - now that I find them again. They don't have joints but they do bend a little. One is more exotic looking - I'm trying to represent the different cultures in my display a little more. Again, I need a darker male, jointed. When I went to look for those dolls, I found another stash of vintage thread that I got at the same time. I can't find what cord it is, but I assume the No. 50 means it is size 50. I got about 4 of these 1000 yard skeins. Wouldn't this be great to try some hand-dying or painting on thread with????


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