Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I won a booklet on ebay recently titled Polka Spider Web Lace. On the inside, it described a kit you could order which was what you needed to make the medallions that made up the projects in the book. After posting on some lists, I found out it is teneriffe lace and the template is available from Snogoose. I may give it try when I have nothing to do. ROTFL!

I didn't have much time left last night for tatting, but I unpicked the clover and chain and redid them, joining in the correct place this time. Tonight I hope to finish the piece, but I will have to separate some more floss and transfer the beads to the new thread........which will be the time consuming part. The rest will go quickly until I get to the head and the ear, which I still haven't tried out. I guess I can do the ear last anyway. If I absolutely have to, I could make the one in the book which will be quick and save it for back up..........if I don't get the other one done.

And the next thing is how to mount it and on what? What kind of fabric will show it off the most? Black velvet is too glitzy and the black thread that I've changed to would blend right in anyway. Besides color, what about texture? I'm visualizing a coarse linen with tall grasses painted on it. I probably won't do it.............ooohh, I think I have that very fabric tucked away though. Bought it at a garage sale and thought it perfect for hardanger. It's somewhere in the basement. There were 2 different neutral colors. One more creamy and the other taupey.

During lunch today I separated the floss so that much will be out of the way - only to find that the skein had been partially cut probably halfway through. So which will take more time - separating a new skein, that I will have to stop and buy, or reloading my shuttle an extra time or two and then transferring beads and hiding ends? sigh............I'm getting a bit testy about this whole thing. If I didn't need it by March 10, I would just put it down and walk away from it for awhile. I would like to get the blanket part done however.

Threads of a Tatting Goddess Updates group is doing great! We have a bunch of UFO's being worked on with photos showing progress. It's fun listening to and seeing what everyone is doing! Of course, my biggest UFO is my elephant in progress, but more will be showing up as I get this done. In fact, I thought of one last night that is escaping me at the moment.

Rozella Linden has a new book, Celtic Tatting, which is showing in the new Handy Hands catalog, although it's not quite out of the printer yet, last I heard. I'm hoping some of the vendors will have it at the lace events I'm attending over the next few months. Circle City Lacers in Indy will have their Lace Day in March. I have so much tatting stuff I don't know why I would possibly want anything else, but I'm sure there will be something. I should make up a sample book of my threads so that I don't duplicate them! I don't have a lot of size 30 and up though, so I'm pretty safe getting any color in that size.

Well, I plan to do a lot of tatting tonight after the treadmill and dinner.

I got the hanky washed for the bonnet and now just need to decide on thread. The size 80 is much daintier appearing than size 30. I may tack the bonnet together this evening so it will be easier to see how much edging I need to tat, although I think it's just going to be one side times 2, since it folds back on itself. It might give me that needed break from the elephant. I bought a 12 pack of hankies so I can make one for my niece while I'm at it.


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