Sunday, February 01, 2004

I bought the black rayon floss on Friday, separated the strands, strung the beads and wound the shuttles. I finally got to start tatting the border around the blanket this evening. I got one cloverleaf done, only to realize I joined the middle ring on the cloverleaf on the wrong side of the small I have to retrotat 1 chain and 1 1/2 rings. Pooh! I caught my first wrong join and had to retro-tat that. Thought sure all would go well from that point on, but I somehow managed to twist the clover around before I joined the middle ring. So I quit for the night.

It's been so cold and dry that my hands are a little bit rough. Not noticebly so until I handle rayon thread which catches on the slightest thing. So that was another reason to stop for the night.

I'm disappointed that I didn't get more tatting done today. I had so many other things to catch up on though - going into work to start the new display in the window, the grocery store, a nap because I couldn't get to sleep last night...................

I think it will take me all week to get the border around the blanket. Besides dry patches catching on the thread, there are so many beads on the ring shuttle that I have to go much slower than usual until the bead population dwindles.

The yahoo group associated with this list is really getting caught up in the excitement of what to do with UFO's. We've got a plan now, and each person is naming their UFO and plan of attack and we're keeping track of each other. I can't wait to see them finished!


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