Saturday, February 14, 2004

The elephant blanket is done. I even removed and retatted 2 of the pink motifs. They look better but they still don't form the petals as smoothly as I would like. Last night I wet it so I could block it. As soon as I wet it, it got stiff, like I'd put a stiffener in it. I thought...........oh-oh.................but I finger shaped it and steamed it and then laid it on the countertop to completely dry. Surprise, surprise! This morning it's so slinky...............just like any beaded item. The thread is again soft and slick. It looks better than it did before I shaped it. You can see where it's got a bit of a downward slant on the right - that's to shape the back side of the elephant, not a mistake. Later today, I hope to start the body. I'm also feverishly working on that edging - which is just at 20". I need at least 40". I'm more concerned about running out of thread now than getting it done.

I went to Hobby Lobby hoping they had some size 30 Cebelia in pink since that's where I originally got it. Nope. But I did get this:

I've seen double-eyed sewing machine needles, but none for hand sewing before. Then the teensy plastic rings reminds me of Jane Eborall's numerous designs involving larger rings. And then the measuring gauge! It's metal. It has a hole in it, so I can hang it on the same retractable clip I have my tatting hook on. It's a handy, dandy picot gauge now. Now I can tell Hope that I didn't find another one like the one I left her! LOL! Which explains why I found it on clearance to begin with. I think this one will work every bit as good though and it will be attached. I can't wait to have some PLAYTIME!

My lace group met this morning. At our next meeting, we are bringing "tools" so at least one of these gadgets will go with me then. We had a knitting instructor this meeting to help us with lace knitting. I ended up tatting because I didn't really bring a knitting project with me that I wanted to work on but I picked up a few tips from the instruction anyway.

I see Mark Myers is enticing us with pics from his upcoming book featuring a Spring Garden theme. All it needs is a flower basket or a flower pot! And who knows, he may have that in the plan too.

Well, off to do chores and make phone calls, and other mundane necessities of life.


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