Saturday, February 21, 2004

This morning I was touring the photo albums at Tatting!~Tat's It! on MSN groups.
I didn't realize they had so many! The one that got me started was of their Valentine hankie exchange. I really liked the hankie that was made into an envelope for a Valentine card. Then I got to looking at the other albums. Oh my! There was a tatted bag exchange, a card exchange, and numerous individual albums full of tatting! One person had tatted several fans and after my fan-tatting spree last year about this time, I was wondering why I'd never seen a tatted fan exchange? If you put "fan" in the search box over there on the right, it should bring up those entries, plus the tatted hairpin lace fan I designed. I was mightily impressed by all the tatting on that site. There were some Dorset bags in there too. Seems like that was something I was going to do around Christmas time for someone and never got to.

Here's the heart I tatted for my sister's birthday. I love Betsy Evan's heart for this. This one is tatted with size 20 cebelia and I added picots to the outer chains since they weren't being attached to one another. This heart is bigger than the red one in a smaller size thread. She loved it and it just so happens that she has just decorated her guest bedroom in lavander so I suspect it will end up in there.

I was in Barnes and Nobles tonight, checking out the latest issue of Piecework. I decided not to buy it but next month's issue looks like it will be interesting. I also looked through the 2 heirloom sewing magazines, Sew Beautiful.......don't remember the second one now. Martha Pullen likes to use tatting to embellish her creations, I've noticed.

Well, I've been gone since mid-afternoon today and not a bit of tatting done. Or much of anything else so I guess I better get to it. LOL! Even if it is late!


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