Thursday, February 26, 2004

Last night I finished the last of the petals for the tulip that we're doing in Saturday's class with the Tatting Guild. I didn't realize until I had a smaller petal done that it was in a different color.......and until I had all 3 done, that it was a smaller size thread. That's what happens when you grab things at the last minute on the way out! I think it might add a realistic touch though, to have 2 different shades to the petals. They go pretty quick so I might even make up another color before Saturday.

I started the elephant headpiece last night too. I figured out a way to add these rectangular beads from Walmart that seemed just the right touch......but I'm having trouble with the eye surround. The diagram looks like there is a space between rings but it doesn't say anything in the directions and I thought maybe it just looked like it due to the drawing. After completing it though, it doesn't lay flat, so I'm going to have to do it over and leave some space between rings. I also can't figure out for sure how to add the silver beads along the front of the headpiece. I know how to - I'm just not sure how it will look.

There are some new books out: Dreamy Winter by Wally Sosa and Celtic Tatting by Rozella Linden. I don't have either of these books yet but I hear they're interesting. I still haven't tatted anything out of the last book or two I got so I'm going to wait a bit before I buy any more.

I love it that we have so many to pick from now! When I started tatting, patterns were at a premium. I think we all hoarded Workbaskets and picked the internet clean for anything we could find. Out of that need, and with the help of internet sharing, a whole new generation of tatting design has been birthed. We use techniques and fibers completely unknown of before. We keep finding new ways to use them, to put them together. What's more, there seem to be people out there designing and creating that we never hear from. I think it must be time for Georgia to put together another book of patterns from cyber tatters! I love the variety. I know there are several individuals who are putting together books - but I think the market is beginning to feel a glut. It might make more sense if they could somehow collaborate. I'm at a point where I definitely want to see the book before I buy it. I already have too many that just sit - there is maybe one thing in it that I want to make - and I can find something similar in another book. I really like it when all the animals are in one book and all the flowers in another, square motifs, round motifs, triangular motifs - devote entire books to one aspect of tatting. I'd like to see all the sunbonnet or pinafore ladies in a single book. But for a beginnner - a variety in a single book is best.

I'm rambling! LOL! It's beautiful outside if still on the cool side. I can't wait to do something with the garden!


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