Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ebay Returns!

Yay! Got my T-shirt today with the silver shuttle and Tatting Goddess embroidered on it. Connie has an online ebay store. I plan on getting something for warmer weather later on. You can also email her at

I also got this shuttle today - a win on ebay. I already have one similar but it was going so cheap, I had to give it a home. I thought the ends probably didn't quite close right since no one was bidding and they weren't, but not too badly. I fixed one end, but the other hasn't cooperated as nicely. I think I can get it to come together, but I'll have to fix my "fix" first. LOL! I used my hairdryer and a spring clothespin. I clamped in a spot that didn't work too well the first time, but the second time worked perfectly. It was already full of thread; an off-white that I don't find very appealing, but it's a good quality thread so I'll make up a simple edging that I can carry along with me.

On Monday, I got a set of 7 Stitch n Sew magazines that I won on Ebay. Turns out I already had 3 of them. I also won about a dozen more that will show up some time next week. I'm pretty sure some of those are the missing Umbrella Bouquet series I've been looking for.


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