Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Icy Delight Doily from Susan Fuller's book, A Potpourri of Patterns.

I started this on a flight, using some "Regina" thread and an unknown pink thread on a card. I don't know what happened to the label. Seems like it was a silk thread of some kind. It's made basically in one round. The center might have said cut and tie, but I made a mock picot instead....I think. I was trying out the thread and the pattern so I didn't do the picots as well as I would recommend now. They are supposed to be different sizes, alternating short and long which is very effective. This pattern also has beads but I didn't use any, since it was a test and I was on a plane.

It would either be a small doily or a large snowflake. If you click on it to see the larger image, it's a little bigger than the real thing, but not by much. Aha...I was wondering what I was going to do with it, since it's an oddball color for a snowflake and doesn't go with anything in my house as a doily.....but I think my granddaughter's bedroom is pink....she might like it.

OH!!!! I was so busy going on about my Secret Santa Goodie Bag that I forgot to mention my granddaughter tatting with me on Christmas Day. Katie is 11, until March, and told me she had been practicing a little everyday, but she was still having trouble with the ring. So I showed her how to do the chain instead and next thing you know, she's going lickety-split. Then I tell her to try the ring again since she is making the motion for the actual stitch so easy now....and she was able to make a couple of rings that closed easily. So I'm going to take her my size 10 Cebelia that I bought for the T.A.T. project and let her have that. I'm also going to take a simple ring and chain pattern for her to make a real complete motif from. I might motivate her by promising to take her to tatting guild sometime. heheheheheh

Tonight I want to work more on the crochet mat. I've got 2/5 of it done.

Eyecandy: Pine Needle Baskets and Tatted Lace


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