Saturday, January 01, 2005


I've completed Phase I of the T.A.T. Proficiency Project. The pages are put together, the written part done - which wasn't nearly as much as I thought it would be. I kept misunderstanding one section which required me to make samples and explain opening a split ring. I kept looking at the line above which says "written technique evaluation" and thought I had to explain ALL the techniques in that project. Even after I finished the explanations I had to do and went back to recheck....I did it again....and was almost all the way through explaining the different techniques used in that item when I realized I didn't have to do that.


I just need to find a folder or report binder to put them in and mail them out on the 5th. I suppose you have to wait until you hear how you did in phase I before you can apply for phase II.

This evening I started organizing things in my craft room since I'm still not in the mood to take down the Christmas tree. I found a project I started on the flight to Las Vegas. It's Icy Delight in the Susan Fuller book. I also found a thistle bookmark I want to make so I trotted that booklet out to the living room.....which is when I decided to get the T.A.T. stuff in pages and ready to go.

Look at what I got from the clearance aisles!

The teensy bulbs and ribbons will find their way into some Christmas tatting next year, I'm sure. The hardanger Scissors Pocket Pendant (instructions only) was only 23 cents! Now how could I pass that up?


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