Thursday, January 06, 2005

You never know where you're going to uncover buried treasure!

I got a link for a specific project from a list I'm on and when I backtracked to the home page, CQMagOnline, I found this is an online magazine for crazy quilt enthusiasts. The projects are fantastic! There was even one for a carrying case for a portable Ott light. I immediately thought of Hopie with that one. That was in the current issue. When I followed some other links, what did I find but a needle-tatted pumpkin by Sherry Matthews! There's a lot of silk ribbon embroidery here and it has a definite Victorian flavor. It has a place in my Favorites for sure.

Want to stitch up some new rags for your pet? has some a hound tuxedo, along with some interesting caps and hats, bath bibs, dog beds, cat beds, and placemats. There are lots of other sewing projects at the site too.

I got the latest Anna magazine yesterday. No tatting, but there is a stunning knitted lace tablecloth. Several actually, but one in particular caught my eye. My 1st thought was that I wanted to make it and then I remembered that I plan to switch from my round table to a smaller rectangular one and how much do I use a tablecloth anyway? So, I'm undecided, but it sure is pretty!


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