Friday, January 21, 2005

Surfing Day

Mary M's Cro-Tat Primer and patterns. I prefer to either tat or crochet, but this is a good site for anyone interested in following up on this technique.

Another Italian site. Centrino girandola reminds me of the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" design. This could use a wonderful play on colors. If you look at the close up, you can see it's just a very simple onion ring motif.

For laughs - this chicken butt viking hat! She doesn't have the pattern posted yet.

Secondhand Crafts has some interesting goodies. I'm always for finding a use for something instead of just pitching it.

Crafts for your Valentine!

Look at what these decorative buttons are going for!

O'Gosh Buttons!
Did you know there is a webring for button enthusiasts? Look at these miniature paintings on buttons. Here are some samples of tatted jewelry - I'm thinking of how you can use buttons instead of the flowers. I've made some pins/brooches combining tatting and an unusual button. I also used a Christmas button on a red beaded tatted amulet bag once. So you can feature a gorgous button and tatting all in one superb creation! I think Rachael Jackson's patterns would adapt to a decorative button nicely too.

Here's a site I haven't seen before: Victorian Tatted Jewelry.

I like this sterling shuttle with the dogwood motif but not for $195.00.

Okay...that's enough for today!


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