Sunday, January 30, 2005

Testing and Playing

picot joins.doc

I can't get the pic to show up with labels, but the link above, Picot joins.doc will show it when you click on it. I seem to have lost some labeling capabilities when my original photo editor disappeared.

Anyway, we were having an onlist discussion about the requirements for joins on the T.A.T. proficiency program. Seems I missed the part where it says to count the join as the 1st half of the ds and then do the 2nd half. To me this always added a stitch. So I tatted it up to see where I got that idea. It still seems to me that the 3rd ring where I counted the join as the 1st half of the stitch, is a little shorter between the join and the next picot, compared to the ring before where I joined and then tatted a full ds. hmmmm....looking on the backside, they look identical.

The ring on the left is the one I joined, counting the join as the 1st half ds. The middle ring I joined and followed with a full ds.

Somebody 'splain to this ol' Lucy what the deal is!

Last night I attempted Easter Egg #14 in Tatted Easter Eggs...with the quilt thread on the left. I bought this thread at Walmart. They have several very pretty variegateds and I thought I'd give this one a try. The egg has the chain picots crocheted with a slip stitch all around. First of all, I should not have tried this pattern with this teensy thread. I started out using my crochet hook handle as a picot gauge which made them nice and uniform, but it was very tedious and they still seemed too big for the size if this thread, so I eyeballed it. You can see a few stray biggies. Next, I should have cut and tied my threads and started the crochet part with another thread, but it was late and I was tired and wanted to finish, so I pulled up the ball thread from where it was and only hid the shuttle thread. Well, hiding ends on this fine thread is a challenge to begin with, and then pulling up the thread I used on the chain to start the slipstitch didn't help matters any. You can see that it looks a little boogered where I started off. But aren't those pretty easter egg colors? I do think the ring picots might have looked better if they had been a bit smaller. They sort of fall all over each other and are hard to make out. hmmmm....I could glue this to a card and put a teensy bow on my boogered part. Or tat a teensy yellow chick to cover it? That would be a big ring for the body with a picot for the tail and another picot, cut, for the feet, and a small ring with a cut picot for the beak.

Anyway, I think we are going to talk about someone else's motif with the crocheted slipstitch edging in the Online Tatting Class tonight.


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Hey, Luuuucy--I got some 'splainin' for you...

    I was taught (way back when) that the join counts as the first half of the ds; that way, all the rings would be the exact same size because they all have the same number of ds threads going around the core thread. I never thought it would be that big a deal (I was taught on size 80 thread) 'cause it didn't seem like one more thread would matter, but they can add up and throw off a complicated pattern (especially in the thicker threads).

    I love your easter-coloered thread. It's a perfect springtime variegated--I may have to go shopping!

    Hope this helped...

  2. Hi Anonymous!
    Yes, that's the same explanation I've gotten.


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