Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sunny Saturday!

I might have to take a nap pretty soon.

Before my grandson got here, I vaccumed the carpet. The cats have been leaving visible clumps of fur and it really shows up on this carpet. It just made me feel better to suck it up. LOL!

So Bailey and I go into Von's to spend his gift certificate on some crystals. I thought I'd get to look around a little at the beads. Ha! I think I sucked some of my brain up in that vacuum sweeper. Bailey requires constant attention. Look at this crystal, what about that one? Do you have this one Grandma? Why don't you buy that one for YOUR collection? This 8 year old child has absolutely no reservations about asking a clerk for information. Nor does it faze him to talk to anyone walking by. "I saw this on the internet" he says, to two employees working on a bead order. They smile. It's an amethyst geode about 30" high, sliced open and highly polished and very expensive. We go up to the front where he remembers seeing Austrian crystal beads and then we move over to another display. He hollars to the sales clerk at the other end of the counter. "Can you help me please?" He does say please. And when she gets there he asks her how much the smoky quartz crystals are, the small ones, since he only has $4 left out of the allotted amount of gift card. She tells him and he's $1 off in figuring what he has left, but we talk about it and he understands he has only $1 left. I tell him the Austrian beads are also crystals, they just have holes put in them and they are only $0.20 each so he could get 5 of them. He has her drage every single container out to look through them ALL. He finds a bigger blue one he really likes which is $0.50 so he can't get quite as many as he was going to. No matter. He's happy. And so am I.

THEN he wants to look at books about crystals (Von's is also a bookstore) and he asked the gentleman behind that counter if he has any books on crystals and that he does not want to buy one but he wants to look. Very loudly. Or maybe it's just that clear ringing child's voice that seems loud to me compare to an adult. ((ggg)) No shyness here either. So we look at a few. I guess I'll stop by some day during my lunch if I really want to look at the beads.

We go to the library.....he loudly asks every librarian he sees if they have this book or that one. Ya know, I think he's gonna be one of those executives who snaps their fingers and expects you to drop everything for him. LOL! He really is very polite, but he definitely gets your attention. Don't you dare think of ignoring him!

So now we're home and he's playing a video game with his Uncle Jesse and I've got a break from the non-stop conversation. Now I remember why it was such a relief when the kids went to bed at night. LOL!

So....I was catalog surfing through Clotilde's and Annie's Attic which arrived today. I love to read about the antique tools featured in Clotilde's.

I found this handy dandy thread holder on a chain, meant for sewing thread, but I couldn't help but see it holding a ball of tatting thread. I've never been attracted to the wrist ball holders. I just know it would be in my way. I'll bet I could make my own to boot!

I've also been productive by transferring my photo albums to CD and freeing up room on my computer. I have plenty of computer room but it was beginning to get confusing. My scanner program automatically creates a new folder every month plus I had created additional folders and it was just too much to sort through visually. This year I'll also create folders within the folder to help sort them by category. It was fun skimming through the year's pics. Wow.....lotsa tatting, trips, and family events.

My regular email is down since they are upgrading the system. It was expected to be working by now, but it isn't so it will be awhile before I get to catch up on my reading. In the meantime, that nap is sounding better and better!


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