Thursday, January 20, 2005


I had this done yesterday, published it, and blogger decided not to play. So here's a repeat!

I found this lovely celtic heart bookmark on the Needle Tatting Two MSN group site designed and executed in needle tatting by Roger Freedman. I've been trying to figure out how to do it with a shuttle since I'm not that crazy about needle tatting myself. Different members from my listgroup suggested winding and unwinding the shuttle, using a regular needle method as in New Dimensions in Tatting, finger tatting, and tatting in small sections. I ended up using a tapestry needle as a shuttle which permited me to tat the same way I do with a shuttle but the "shuttle" was small enough to pull through the chain of the previous heart motif before making a ring around it. My tension is not so great - I think because using the needle was a bit awkward for me. This is done in size 30 thread and I alternated colors for the motifs.

Riet has been playing with this motif too and used 2 colors for a single motif...and shuttles, unwinding to pull through in the proper places.

We're doing a beaded star motif in tatting guild Saturday. That will give me a chance to use the bead loader I ordered from Gale Marshall recently. I had one once before and barely got to use it before an evil cat took off with it. I looked everywhere but it was gone. The cat is still here. I think it is the one that insists on sitting on my deep wine colored tablecloth when I turn my back. I spritz him with water every time I see him there but it hasn't deterred him yet. He's only a bit more wary of me.

Ooooh...a cable knit tea cozy. I need to find a way to make some small tea cozies for my tea-for-ones. The little teapot generally holds enough water for 2 cups but by the time I get the 1st cup drank, the water is tepid. Microwaves take care of that, but at work, it means traipsing down to the breakroom which might be occupied with a training or meeting. I do have an electric teakettle too, but why bother with the tea-for-one if I'm gonna do that? Nope, I like to use these lovely pieces too.

Omigawd! Knitted Elvis Wig!!!!

If you like old-fashioned embroidery patterns, you will love There are patterns, projects, and even thread colors to go by.

Decorating for Valentine's Day? candy heart tacks


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