Saturday, November 14, 2009

BIG Tatted Butterfly!

Can you believe this?

I took this photo from Vintage Fashions, February 1992. It was in an article about Floral Waters (scented water) by Catherine Baker-Anderson. No mention was made of the mat the waters are displayed on. Is that not the biggest tatted butterfly you've ever seen????

I've made crochet ones almost that big and I have some fairly large tatted butterflies that measure about 6" - 8" across but I'd say this one is at least 12" from wingtip to wingtip. The thread looks pretty big too.

I'd love to know more about this pattern! If anyone recognizes it, please contact me.


  1. That is a cool pattern! I would love to have that on a pillow case edge!! If you find out about the pattern would you kindly share? If you want to...I would love it. I am really into bedding thoughts right now...maybe because I'm tired??? LOL!

  2. OH absolutely! I love linens embellished with lace and embroidery. I came across a sweet little pattern tonight of crocheted motifs and cutwork. It was crocheted leaves and flower buds, small and simple, inset in the pillow. Very pretty!

  3. Wow, that IS a BIG, BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY! It really would make a great edging for pillowcases. Hope somebody recognizes it!
    :) Ann

  4. My first thought after seeing the photo was 'Mothra' LOL!

    But all kidding aside, it really is a big, beautiful piece of tatting.

    Crossing my fingers that more info surfaces soon.

  5. What you're describing sounds really pretty, Gina! I hope you show that on your blog, too.

    Now, I must turn my bedding thoughts into a reality and lay my head on my pillow, LOL! It's getting late and I am literally falling asleep over my laptop...there's so much tatting eyecandy I can't stop looking, LOL!

  6. truely fabulous! love it very much too. do share if there's a prompt. WOW! :)

  7. Do hope you can find the pattern, being a colourful person I would like to see it tatted in bright colours and attached to a scarf. Although looking at it again may be it would be too big!! Anyway I'm sure it has great possibilities.

  8. have done a butterfly this big but the wingjoins were not good

  9. Geraldine - was it your own design or a pattern you found somewhere?

  10. Why am I not surprised that you found something so unusual! LOL! You sure have an eye.... Yes, this would be a sensational edging, and as Sally prefers, in colour it would be very unusual.
    Maybe someone will recognize the pattern...
    Fox : )

  11. I was given a pattern from the 50's that has a very similar butterfly that if tatted in size 10 thread would be that big. It looks like the same butterfly but instead of being attached to a linen, there are a number of them (in size 20 thread) tatted periodically around a large doily.
    I will try to make a PDF of the scanned pattern and get it to you. Might just fit what you are looking for; because over all they look exactly alike. Only in 20 it was 'medium' sized. Bev

  12. Hi Gina!

    The composition of the photo is lovely, and I wish I had a 'Victorian' guest room where I could have a display like this! Thanks for bringing the tatted butterfly to our attention!

    Even though this is a large butterfly made with large thread, it's very attractive and would probably be fun to do. Where I might be lacking is the skill to attach it to the linen in a neat way! I've always admired tatting in vintage pieces where the tatting is inserted or attached perfectly to the cloth.

    It sounds like Bev indeed has the pattern!

    I always enjoy your posts, but it's difficult keeping up with all your activities! That would be too many irons in the fire for me!


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