Sunday, November 01, 2009

Unfortunately, I'm wide awake. Must be all those naps I took today. I haven't felt up to par, sapped of energy, aches, queasy, can't seem to warm up and have a headache. Finally figured out that I must be sick! I don't generally get deathly ill when I'm sick and I'm not now, but I was chiding myself for being so lazy and wanting to sleep all the time. Then my 3:00 lunch stayed in touch with my tummy til nearly midnight. So I sat and tatted when I couldn't sleep any longer.

You know how you get bored with a project that is long and monotonous? Well, this beaded bag is simply clover and chain, clover and chain, in the same color, for what seems like infinity, but I finally found the directions and realized it really was only for eight rows.

So that's where I am now, getting ready to tat the flap. Sharon had mentioned if she were to do it again, she would make the flap longer so that's what I'm going to do. It'll be the equivalent of two more rounds. Since I put my beads on differently, I have to give that some thought too. It's not blocked here and won't be until I have all the tatting done. I'll probably add an RPL cord for a handle. I wonder if I can make that with beads? Might be something to try.

Just to break the boredom, I used my editing program to frame this part. I've actually been playing with my scanner. This is the first time I've tried scanning in "photo" mode and I wasn't happy with it. It crops way too close for this venue. No edges to play with. I like a little space around my scans to frame the item.

I also haven't decided exactly what I will use to line the bag. I have white and ivory but I'm not sure I have blue in my stash. Probably, but I'm not up to searching for it right now.

These are some threads I bought at The Needle's Point in Rensselaer. Mettler threads with a silk finish. I expect I will have to double them up to use them and I have no idea what I'll try them on.

I bought these threads at the same place but I'll use them for embroidery. The gold is actually a cord that I thought would look so pretty couched down with the other thread.

I had all the threads on the scanner at once, which I often do when they are small items and then crop them out separately. When I scanned in "photo" mode, the scanner automatically separated them, but the resolution was not all that good. I don't like the depth resolution on this scanner either. It was super on the HP one I had. The item had to be an inch thick for it to start to blur. Not so with these.

Well, I'm starting to yawn so will go to bed after all. The time changes tonight which I hate. I hate time changes anyway, but especially since we are on Eastern Time when we should be on Central Time. It seems like it is dark when I get up 9 months out of the year. If we were on Central, it would be light in the morning for more months. Okay, enough about that!


  1. Your blue bag with beads is very pretty! Sometimes those monotonous pattern can get boring, but they're perfect for zoning out to the tele with!

    Your new threads look very cool!

  2. The beaded bag is turning out nicely, can't wait to see the finished bag.

    I don't sew well, and still couldn't get them to line a few small bags I tatted :(

  3. Am eager to see this bag made up! It is going to be lovely.
    Cannot envision putting these threads in a scanner????
    At any rate, your pictures look good on the blog!
    Fox : )


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