Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 11/3/09

I've been up and down for a several days with whatever flu virus is going around. It's sneaky - you don't even really know you've got it for a few days and then when you do, you might feel really good for a whole morning before it hits you again. I felt good most of yesterday until evening so I've stayed home one more day just to be sure. At the weekend I was berating myself for being so lazy and not getting anything done but sleeping! Today, feeling far more energetic than I have in days, I realize it was because I was sick. Pay attention to your body! It's trying to take care of you. If you feel tired, there's a reason!

So I don't have much to show for Tatting Tea Tuesday. Actually, this is the post I started last week before I found the ranchy rap song. I don't even like rap, but it was hilarious to me to find it. Anyway, the links below are some of my favorite tea sites. The feature I mention is what was going on that day. I haven't checked today to see what all has changed, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

I'm almost done with the tatting on the beaded bag. I'm at the tab and have only three more clovers to go! I decided not to add another row because I would actually have to add two more rows to have the right edge for the tab and then it would come down to nearly the bottom of the bag closed and that just didn't seem right. All I have to do (after the 3 clovers & hiding ends!) is make the lining. Linings can be tricky, especially in a smooth slick fabric. I'll take my time with this and get it right. It would be a shame after all this tatting to get sloppy with the lining.

Rosemary's Sampler featuring oven roasted garlic

Tea With Friends featuring a book about Tea Planting Pioneers

Tea & Talk featuring slow cooking chocolate pudding and an upcycled sweater tea cozy

Tea at Primrose Hill featuring slow cooked cider

Friendship Tea featuring tea parties

If I had more patience today, I'd send you to Mark's blog to check out his pumpkin pattern and to Elizabeth's blog to get in on her pumpkin earring givaway and to Sherry Pence's blog to send her healing wishes for her wrists and to.....well, gosh, that's why I have that blogroll over at the side! Check them out!


  1. I'm SO glad you're feeling better today. Can't have you losing anymore tatting time, eh?

  2. Yes, so very glad to hear you are on the mend. Thanks for offering up such an insightful tea post (lots of lovely links -- a tea-time tatter's blog surfing dream!) for Tatting Tea Tuesday.

    Did you know I use your blog roll regularly to catch up on recently updated posts?

    Do show us your finished bag once you get the lining done. It is so exciting to watch the progression of an item as beautiful as this.

  3. Take care of you and spoil yourself with some time in bed and a good book.
    I have learnt to my cost what pushing too hard does to the body...so listen to it and love it.
    Tatting will wait for you.

  4. I'm glad you fee better and that you didn't catch whatever is going around at my work.

  5. Glad you are feeling better, but keep listening to your body!

    :) Ann

  6. I am glad you are feeling better. We don't want any set backs now. Take care of yourself.

  7. Thanks for including Rosemary's Sampler in your Tea Tatting Tuesday post! I've enjoyed your blog, am inspired by your tatting, and hope you're feeling better too!

  8. I too am glad you are feeling better. I have heard about that flu that just lasts and lasts, as if the normal flu wasn't bad enough.
    As you say, I need to learn to "listen" to my body too. I just wish my mind and body weren't in conflict all the time...LOL!
    Thank you for the well wishes!


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