Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 11-17-09

A little tea humor....

Go to Calm-a-Sutra to see the runners-up.

I'm glad I had this in drafts. I completely forgot it was TTT. Too much on my mind in other areas.

I'm drinking iced tea with some added orange spice tea. It's cold and rainy and drizzly out so this would probably be better hot, but I'm fine with cold. I have not tatted at all, but since I'm going to the gym tonight, I won't feel like doing anything when I get home so I will probably tat something!


  1. This is very clever! Thanks!
    Fox - who loves Earl Grey! : )

  2. Great video!!! I'm just having my after dinner tea then back to tatting snowflakes for this weekends craft show!! Have a good night.

  3. Very creative! We are tea drinkers. Hot in winter; but cold year round (for Bev). My Mom was a big fan of green tea. Thanks for the entertainment.

  4. Very cute! Thanks for the sharing the tea! I did a very small amount of tatting first thing this morning just to be able to say I tatted today - and had a cup of mint tea.

  5. Wow, where do you find these great tea bits and vids? Very cute!

    Can you believe I spent the day polishing the writing for my first lace guild article on tatting's elusive history (pre-1900). It was like reliving college term papers all over again. It will be the SNORE of the guild newsletter, most likely. So I definitely needed a tea pick-me-up!

    Thanks again!

  6. That was funny! Thanks Gina!
    :) Ann

  7. Hi Gina, That was great!! I watched the others they had on the page, and I think this was the best one too. Thanks for sharing!


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